High Performance Low Void
General Purpose Solder Paste


Sn 3.0Ag 0.5Cu type3 type4

Reduces Void Occurrence Regardless of
Component Type or Reflow Profile

S3X58-G801 reduces the generation of gases from burning of
flux during reflow thereby reducing the voids in the solder joint. Furthermore,
the flux is designed so that the gases are released easily to achieve an ultra-low void solder joint.

Retains the print Geometry, Higher First Pass Yield

S3X58-G801 retains the defined printed solder shape due to
the use of special resin and shape-retaining agent in the solder flux in continuous printing.
Stable printed solder shape results, thus ensuring in higher first pass yield at the SPI.

Good Wetting Performance to a Wide Range of Materials

S3X58-G801 adopts carefully chosen flux ingredients to effectively remove oxide film on various plating materials. It also assures good wetting ability to most substrates and high reliability flux residue after soldering.

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