Development of Halogen Free High Wetting Solder Paste


Trend on Halogen Free Soldering Material

Halogen Free (HF) has become one of the major requirements in Electric/ Electronics Industry in order to reduce the environmental impact. Halogen compounds have been used in electronics industry for e.g., as flame retardants in the printed circuit boards; however, they are known to generate dioxins, one of the highly toxic organic pollutants, when they are disposed or are incinerated. Starting from the regulation on Chloride and Bromide by IPC/ JEDEC, electric/ electronics industry has been rapidly moving toward Halogen Free.

As for the soldering material, Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) released “Definition of Halogen-free Soldering Materials” and IPC has revised “Requirements for Soldering Flux” to J-STD-004B to follow the halogen free trend.

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