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New Halogen-Free Solder Paste Designed for Laser Soldering

A newly developed solder paste which conforms to the increasing demand for laser soldering by inhibiting spattering and solder balls

KOKI Company Limited (Tokyo, Japan) is announcing a newly developed lead-free solder paste exclusively for laser soldering: S3X58-M330D.

Demand for laser soldering is increasing especially for consumer product market in camera modules and connector pins. Since the laser soldering can be completed without the laser actually touching component, it can not only avoid heavy thermal stresses but also the temperature variance. If a conventional solder paste is used in laser soldering, instantaneous heating by the laser may cause the solvent inside the flux to remain active even after soldering which could become a hazard on insulation resistance reliability. In addition to this, instantaneous heating of conventional solder paste is associated with other issues such as slumping, increased flux spattering and /or solder balling.

S3X58-M330D is developed exclusively for the laser soldering applications so that it prevents flux spattering or solder balling by inhibiting the heat slump from rapid heating. Furthermore, good insulation resistance was confirmed and no evidence of ionic migration was observed after the insulation resistance test with bias voltage.

Product features

Exclusively Designed to Solder with Laser
S3X58-M330D adopted 1. a resin composition with consistent printability for the stable and appropriate dispensing volume, 2. a thixotropic agent with heat resistance to prevent the heat slump, and 3. activator with quick activation to solve the de-wetting, to prevent flux spattering and solder balling.
Excellent Insulation Resistance (>109Ω) despite the Rapid Heating
According to the insulation resistance test with bias voltage (85˚C/85%RH, 50V), no occurrence of dendritic growth or ionic migration was observed
In compliance with halogen-free standard (Br+Cl ≤1500ppm: BS EN 14582)
Flux designation is ROL0 according to the evaluation based on IPC J-STD-004B

Product features
Product Name : S3X58-M330D
Alloy Composition : Sn 3.0Ag 0.5Cu
Melting Point : 217-219
Flux Designation : ROL0 *In accordance with IPC J-STD-004B
Solder Powder Grain Size(μm) : 20-38

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