"Hybrid" high reliability halogen free low Ag solder paste

Sn 0.1Ag 0.7Cu 1.6Bi + Ni

Achieved joint reliability superior to SAC305

The only difference from SAC305 is "low cost"

A very small amount of two modifying elements Bi and Ni are added. Different effects from these elements achieved strong and easy-to-use low Ag solder that is equivalent to or superior to SAC305, such as the melting point, thermal resistance, and time-dependent change in crystal structures.Click here for the mechanism of hybrid reinforcement.

■Alloy matrix

Maintains thermal-fatigue resistance for a long time

IMCs containing Ni (yellow points in he diagram on the right) finely disperse among Sn crystals and prevents growth of Sn crystals due to thermal shocks. Therefore, S1XBIG/S01XBIG makes a clear distinction from SAC305 also for its "long-lasting robustness" not just temporary withstandability.

■Solder joint diagram (After 1500 cycles of -30 +/-80℃)

Achieved both low-Ag and halogen-free

KOKI strives to respond to customers' requests for cost cutting and to become, as a company that sets a high value on environmental conservation, a good partner of all customers who are considerate to the environment. Therefore, all our low Ag products have halogen free versions in their line-up.

Product Performance Table

Product Name
Product Category
Solder Paste
Melting Point(℃)
Particle Size(μm)
Flux Content(%)
Halide content(%)
Flux Type

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