Self alignment type SMT adhesive


Unique technologies enable Double-sided mounting and joint reinforcement

Assists self-alignment of components during reflow

JU-R2S is designed to commence curing after the solder (SAC305) has melted. Therefore JU-R2S does not hinder self-alignment of components that may occur when the solder has melted.

■Change in bonding strength after reflow

No lifting of components

Using a conventional adhesive with solder paste can result in the lifting of components during reflow because the adhesive cures before the solder paste melts. JU-R2S maintains its fluidity while solders are melted, and induces settling down of the components.

■Before and after reflow

Tall deposits ensure contact with components

Dispensability was improved by reducing the viscosity while shape retention was also improved by optimizing the Ti value. Resultant tall deposits ensure contact and adhesion even to tall components.

■Dot outlines

Product Performance Table

Product Name
Product Category
Heat Curable SMT Adhesive
State / Color
Paste / Red
Transition Temperature(℃)
Curing condition
>220℃for 45sec. Peak temperature : 235℃
Shelf life (0-10℃)
Below 10ºC, 6 months

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