Dispensing type adhesive with no infringement of UN regulations


Improved application precision No Un-regulated hazardous substances

Tall deposits ensure contact with components

JU-110 has excellent shape retention, enabling continual application of tall print deposits. Therefore, contact with surface-mounted components of any shape is achieved, improving reliability of the wave soldering process.

■Continual dispensing(φ0.3mm)

Resistant to heat slump

JU-110 is strong against heat slump, maintaining the height of deposits throughout the process. The height of deposits and contact with surface-mounted components are maintained even during heating, securely immobilizing the components.

■Heat slump test (130℃ 90sec)

High precision continual printing

In addition to its resistance to heat slump, the viscosity of JU-110 is stable at room temperature. Consistent viscosity reduces print clogging and ensures highly precise continual printing.

■Continual dispensability test

Product Performance Table

Product Name
Product Category
Heat Curable SMT Adhesive
State / Color
Paste / Red
Transition Temperature(℃)
Curing condition
130℃ × >60sec.
Shelf life (0-10℃)
Below 10ºC, 6 months

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