High reliability wave soldering flux with ultra low flux residue


Low-residue flux with one-step-ahead reliability

Hydrophobic residue prevents migration

The residue of JS-E-3102 is made hydrophobic by adding a small amount of special rosin, which prevents the occurrence of leakage current. Ensures high electrical reliability even in highly humid environments.

■Diagram of flux residue

Fast drying at room temperature; ideal for selective soldering

Fast drying speed of the residue at room temperature enables soldering by local flowing where pre-heating is not conducted. After soldering the insulation resistance of the residue swiftly recovers, delivering high electrical reliability.

■SIR drying at room temp.(24-25℃ 30-40%RH)

Ultra-low residue after soldering

Reduction of residue was pursued for JS-E-3102, resulting in incredibly low solid content of 2.7% for highly reliable post flux series suitable for automotive applications.

■After soldering

Product Performance Table

Product Name
Product Category
Liquid Flux for Wave / Selective Soldering
Solid Content(%)
Specific gravity (at 20℃)
Halide content(%)
Flux Type
Purpose of Use
Wave Soldering

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