Close of Special Feature Articles


In response to a sudden increase of remote work worldwide, Koki had introduced and shared a series of  special feature 
articles on soldering weekly from April through the beginning of July in 2020.
Headings of the featured articles are as follows:

1.   De-wetting - Inferior Plating Quality
2.   De-wetting - Contaminated Plating
3.   De-wetting - Foreign Object Debris
4.   De-wetting - Damaged Plating
5.   De-wetting - Improper Condition Setting
6.   Voids in Solder Joint - Effect of Reflow Atmosphere
7.   Voids in Solder Joint - Reflow profile type (linear vs. saddle)
8.   Voids in Solder Joint - Preheat Effect in Saddle Reflow Profile
9.   Voids in Solder Joint - Effect of Oxidation of PCB Land Surface
10. Voids in Solder Joint - Poor-Quality Components
11. Voids in Solder Joint - Effect of the Stencil Aperture Pattern Shape
12. Voids in Solder Joint - Voids near Solder Joint Interface
13. Voids in Solder Joint - Voids in Micro Via Holes
14. Voids in Solder Joint - Pin Holes and Blow Holes, Examples and Causes

Having accomplished our original intent, we closed the web pages on July 8, 2020.
If you wish to read any of the above full-text articles, please send us a request from "Inquiry Form" on this site.
Our apologies for the inconvenience.

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