Overseas bases

Koki Europe Sp. z o.o.

Address ul. Przemyslowa 4, 95-100 Lucmierz, Gmina-Zgierz, Poland
TEL +48 42 237 33 22
FAX +48 42 203 20 84
Founded in Jun 2019
Production line Solder paste, Wave soldering flux
E-mail info@ko-ki.pl

Koki Europe Sp. z o.o. has started producing and supplying soldering materials in June 2019. Through the establishment of the new factory, KOKI aims to make the existing production system in Europe more robust and efficient, and thereby provide an even better customer experience and establish enhanced competence in the market.

Koki Electronic Materials (Suzhou) CO., LTD. (Sales & Manufacturing)

Address 78 Xinglin Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou City, Jiang-Su Province 215026
TEL +86 512 6274 6718
FAX +86 512 6274 6738
Founded in Nov 2002
Production line Solder paste, Wave soldering flux
E-mail kokisales@koki.cn

Koki Electronic Materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., a 100% owned subsidiary, manufactures its products using the same manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment as used at our Higashi-Matsuyama plant (ISO9001:2000&14001 certified) in accordance with the same manufacturing methods, manufacturing standards, and quality control standards.The personnel in charge of the Overseas Quality Control Division of our Head Office will periodically conduct internal auditing, and all the manufacturing records and quality inspection records will be sent to and controlled at our Head Office. Any troubles can be quickly coped with because our company is located near our customers.We possess the measuring and inspection instruments to immediately check quality.
The facility was relocated for expansion in March 2014 aiming to build a more secure and reliable supply system and enhance capabilities in manufacturing efficiency.

Koki Korea Co., Ltd (Sales & Manufacturing)

TEL +82 31 656 0221
FAX +82 31 656 0224
Founded in Nov 1986
Production line Solder paste, Wave soldering flux, Flux cored solder wire, Anti-oxidation agent, Stencil cleaner
E-mail master@kokikorea.com

In 1986 the company acquired 5,000 hectares of land to establish a factory and begin local production of flux and solder paste. Large contributions were made in foreign business development with the existence of a foothold in Koki's overseas production factories. There is an in-company research and development department for rapid response to customers' special specifications. Development and supply organizations for superior products are also possible. In 1996 ISO-9002 certification was obtained at the request of the market. The factory's production organization was strengthened, and presently, we are expanding into the Korean market with electronic materials beginning with solder paste for large computer and cellular phone makers as our main clients within Korea.

Koki Europe Sp. z.o.o.- German Branch Office(Sales)

Address Haderunstr. 4 D-81375 Munchen
TEL +49 89 700 96 28 0
FAX +49 89 700 96 28 25
E-mail info@koki-deutschland.de

Koki Deutschland was formed during 2003 as a branch office of Koki Europe A/S and offers customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland logistical support for the complete range of Koki products. Our team in Germany also offers professional technical and product implementation support, in order to assist our customers to optimize their production process. This backed up with world class research and development facilities at Koki in Japan and European manufacturing support from Koki Europe A/S in Denmark, gives our customers a total solution based package of products and support at a local level with international capability.

Koki Europe Sp. z.o.o.- Hungarian Branch Office (Sales)

Address 1201 Budapest, Wesselenyi utca 28, Hungary
TEL +36 1 297 06 73
FAX +36 1 297 06 74
E-mail info@kokihu.com

Formed in 2004 Koki's Hungarian Branch office has followed the successful model of Koki Deutschland. Our local team in Hungary offers the demanding market place local support and stocking of the Koki range of products from its Budapest location. Providing technical support and customer process optimization has been our driving force with many of the multi-national companies located in Hungary as well as with many indigenous Hungarian clients.

Koki Solder America, Inc. (Sales & Cincinnati Distribution Center)

Address 6 Kovach Dr. Unit# 614 Cincinnati, OH 45215
TEL +1 (951) 245-8755
Contact Shantanu Joshi
E-mail shantanu@kokiamerica.com

Cincinnati Distribution Center was established in May 2016 in order to provide sales, technical, and distribution support for east coast and mid-west customers. By this establishment, Koki Solder America is now capable of serving customers in the region with lead time less than 3 days.

Koki Solder America, Inc.- CA Liaison Office (Sales)

TEL +1 (714) 315-2313
Contact Roberto Garcia
E-mail roberto@kokiamerica.com

Founded in September 2012, Koki Solder America (KSA) covers customers in USA and Mexico.
Through KSA, Koki as a group intends to improve and reinforce logistics and services of Koki products in North and Central America where the market demand is growing rapidly.

Koki Solder America, Inc.
(Support Advisory Engineer, San Francisco Bay Area)

With over twenty-five years of experience in the areas of soldering, surface mount and packaging technologies, Jasbir Bath, Support Advisory Engineer of Koki Solder America, is there to help and provide technical support in North America. He is a committee member for IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries and President of the SMTA Silicon Valley Chapter. He is the editor of 5 books on lead-free soldering.

Koki Liaison Office - Philippine

Address Dasmarinas city,Cavite,Phillipines
TEL 63 90 8875 1127
E-mail ian@ko-ki.co.jp

A liaison office in the Philippines was founded to introduce optimal and latest products and provide comprehensive technical support countrywide by a sales rep who has over 15 years' experience in production, quality control, and sales here at KOKI.

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