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Technical Support

Defect Analysis

We observe and analyze provided sample PCB of yours and investigate the cause of defect.

Analysis Items

External Observation

  • ・Observes Defective Point
  • ・Identifies Nature of Defect

SEM/EDX Analysis

  • ・Evaluates Quality of Plating
  • ・Identifies Contaminating Element

FT-IR Analysis

  • ・Analyzes Contaminating Element
  • ・Identifies Contaminating Substance

Cross Section Observation

  • ・Evaluates IMC
  • ・Evaluates Crystalline Structure
  • ・Observes Defect (eg. Head-in-Pillow, Clutch, Tombstone)

X-ray Analysis

  • ・Observes Voiding
  • ・Observes Head -in-Pillow Defects


  • ・Simulates Wetting Behavior
  • ・Observe Warpage of Component and Board
  • ・Suggests Recommended Reflow Conditions

Joint Strength Test

  • ・Evaluates Shear Strength
  • ・Evaluates Pull Strength
  • ・Observes Breakage Mode

Thermal Shock Test

  • ・Evaluates Joint Durability
  • ・Observes Growth of IMC

SIR Test

  • ・Observes Electro-Migration in Thermohygrostat
  • ・Evaluates Voltage Applied SIR
  • ・Evaluates Drying at Normal Temp


We provide assistance for you to achieve the best possible performance in the assembly.
Using conditions may vary from customer to customer, from product to product.
We will investigate and narrow down the optimal print conditions, reflow profile, etc. according to your unique environment
so you can take full advantage of our soldering materials.

Flow to Service Delivery

Give us an e-mail to raise a request for technical support.
2.From KOKI
We will contact you back for further details.
3.Analysis / Evaluation
Koki engineers perform analysis / evaluation based on given conditions.
4.Test Report
Test report will be issued,and sent back to you through Koki rep.

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