Halogen-free Solder Paste for Laser Soldering

Sn 3.0Ag 0.5Cu

  Beat the Heat.

Increasing Demand for Laser Soldering

Demand for laser soldering is increasing especially for consumer product market in camera modules and connector pins. Since the laser soldering can be completed without the laser actually touching component, it can not only avoid heavy thermal stresses but also the temperature variance.

Inhibits Flux Spattering and Solder Balls

A heat resistant thixotropic agent is adopted to prevent heat slump that causes solder balling.
In addition, activator with quick activation promotes superior solder wetting and forms high quality solder joints.

【Flux Scattering】

Maintains Insulation Resistance Over 109Ω

In general, laser soldering is associated with loss of insulation resistance as instantaneous heating may cause the solvent inside the flux to remain active even after soldering. S3X58-M330D displayed no evidence of dendritic growth or ionic migration occurrence after insulation resistance test under bias voltage (85˚C/85%RH, 1000 hrs, bias voltage 50V).

【 Change in insulation resistance value】

Product Performance Table

Product Name
Product Category
Solder Paste
Sn 3.0Ag 0.5Cu
Melting Point(℃)
Particle Size(μm)
100 ± 20
Halide content(%)
Flux Type

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