Low Curing Temperature Heat Curable SMT Adhesive


Reduces Thermal Stress
on the Components and Board

Low curing temperature mitigates damage
to the PCB and the components

JU-90LT-3 cures at low temperatures around 90-100℃, reducing
the level of oxidation for the components and substrate.
It enables improvement in the overall product quality and first time product quality.

[ Curing Condition and Bonding Strength ]

Stable dispense shape and height,
superior heat slump resistance

Dispense shape of JU-90LT-3 is stable during continuous dispensing.
The dispense shape and height after 10000 shots are practically the same as the initial shots.
Furthermore, the diameter of a dispensed adhesive was only approx. 4.7% larger after being cured at 90℃ for 90 sec.*
*according to our in-house test

[ Heat Slump Property / Curing condition: 90℃ x 90 sec. ]

Excellent electrical reliability after curing, suitable for fine-pitch patterns

JU-90LT-3 after curing shows good surface insulation resistance, making it suitable for use in fine-pitch patterns.
In the biased humidity test with temp. 85℃ and humidity 85%,
JU-90LT-3 indicates good insulation resistance well after 1000 hours without any trace of electrical migration.

[ Biased Humidity Test ]

Product Performance Table

Product Name
Product Category
Heat Curable SMT Adhesive
Epoxy resin
State / Color
Paste, red
Shelf life (0-10℃)
6 month

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