Low melting point solder paste

Sn 0.4Ag 57.6Bi

Reliable and workable in
Low temperature reflow

Energy-saving whilst reducing thermal damage to components and board

The melting temperature of T4AB58-HF360 is 138-140ºC, lower than SAC305 making it ideal for soldering heat-sensitive components and PCBs.
As the reflow profile can be set lower, the energy consumption can be reduced by approx. 40%.
Further, the less energy consumption contributes to lower CO2 emission.

New technology keeps the solder paste from drying for stable performance in continuous use.
The viscosity stability and tack time are also improved to ensure component retention during and after the component is placed.

Good wettability and low void performance

T4AB58-HF360 effectively prevents the occurrence of voiding at the solder joint with various
types of components such as QFN/BTC, Pwtr, chip component, etc.
Low voiding is ensured even when the printed / dispensed solder paste is left on the board for
a longer period of time before component placement and reflow.

Product Performance Table

Product Name
Product Category
Solder Paste
Sn 0.4Ag 57.6Bi
Melting Point(℃)
138 - 140
Particle Size(μm)
20 – 38
200 / 100( for Dispense)
Flux Content(%)
10.0 / 11.8( for Dispense)
Halide content(%)
Flux Type
for Dispense : T4AB58-HF360D

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