Development of High Wettability Flux Cored Wire Solder



Electrical and electronic products today have multiple functions and are composed of various different electric components. Consumer electrical products may swiftly become popular on the market if they are reasonably priced. Makers try to produce a product which is reasonably priced to attract consumers yet profitable through engaging in cost reduction on parts procurement and process efficiency improvement. Smart phones are the best example of such products. Making an efficient process is important from the standpoint of not only cost reduction but also energy saving.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is the major technology applied to today’s electronic device manufacturing and solder paste is the mainstream of soldering material. However, insertion mount components, such as connector modules or large electrolytic capacitor, use flow soldering or manual soldering by soldering iron. Therefore, flux and wire solders are as important materials for the soldering as solder pastes.

Slide soldering is one of the soldering techniques useful to solder connectors to obtain high joint strength at a narrow location by selecting appropriate wire diameter and iron tip size. Slide soldering by automation enables a large number of connector pins to be soldered in single stretch; therefore, widely used at many manufacturing factories.

To achieve both speed and quality using slide soldering, pins or leads must wet quickly and the solder must wrap around them very quickly.

This article introduces Koki’s wire solder series 72M which is specially designed for fast solder wrapping to help shorten the production tact time.

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