Flux Splattering during the Reflow


1. Preface

In reflow soldering, solder paste is frequently used, and flux splattering may occur. 
A certain amount of gas is generated when the flux constituents in the solder paste decompose or evaporate. 
The gas escaping the molten solder causes flux splattering.

Splattered flux could cause a contact error if it is on a contact point of a connector,  
or a brightness error or recognition error if it is on an LED, lens or sensor module, etc. 
Some customers apply protective tape over the components to prevent flux splattering. 
To reduce these quality issues and extra process steps associated with flux splattering, 
a solder paste which would not cause flux splattering is needed. 
In this article, we will discuss the timing of flux splattering occurrence, 
relationship between the reflow profile and flux splattering occurrence, 
and introduce a new product which is intended to prevent flux splattering.

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