Halogen free wave soldering flux


Organic acid based achieving both reliability and solderability

Hydrophobic residue prevents migration

By adopting a special rosin, JS-EU-31 achieved excellent hydrophobicity compared to regular organic acid based flux. Long exposure to humid conditions does not result in moisture absorption, and thus high electrical reliability is maintained. Migration and discoloration are effectively prevented.

■Diagram of flux residue

Excellent solder workability

Poor solder wettability and poor flux fluidity have always been a concern of organic acid type flux.
Improvements have been made on these factors in JS-EU-31, achieving excellent solder workability just like rosin type flux.

■Comparison : Solderability

Fast drying at room temperature : ideal for point soldering

Insulation resistance quickly recovers just by being left at room temperature, due to the high drying rate of the solvent.
Along with its high electrical reliability and excellent solder workability, JS-EU-31 is suitable for local flowing with no pre-heating.

■SIR recovery at room temperature Koki Tec : STR2

Product Performance Table

Product Name
Product Category
Liquid Flux for Wave / Selective Soldering
Solid Content(%)
Specific gravity (at 20℃)
Halide content(%)
Flux Type
Purpose of Use
Wave soldering

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