Heat Curable SMT Adhesive for Dispensing


Best suited for keeping large
components from falling off
during double-sided reflow

Helps keep components on the board from
falling, shifting, or floating during reflow

Using a conventional adhesive with solder paste can result in the
lifting of components during reflow because the adhesive cures
before the solder paste melts. JU-R4S maintains its fluidity while
the solder is molten and facilitates setting of the components.

Allows solder paste
self-alignment at reflow

JU-R4S is designed to commence curing after the solder
(SAC305) has melted. Therefore, JU-R4S does not hinder
self-alignment of components that may occur when the
solder has melted.

Stable dispense shape and superior electrical reliability after curing

Dispensability of JU-R4S was improved by reducing the viscosity
while shape retention was also improved by optimizing the TI value.
The resultant tall deposits ensure contact and adhesion even for tall components.

Nozzle: 19G single  Dispense pressure: 350kPa  Dispense time: 60msec
Clearance height: 280um  Syringe temp.: 33℃

Product Performance Table

Product Name
Product Category
Heat Curable SMT Adhesive
Epoxy resin
State / Color
Paste, red
Shelf life (0-10℃)
6 month

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