Lead Free Solder Paste for Oxidation-Reduction Vacuum Reflow Process

E12 series

Solder Paste for IGBT / MOSFET
Module Manufacturing
that Requires No Cleaning

Ultimately Low Voiding

E12 series ensures extremely low voiding regardless of the type of solder alloy.
Also, it does not cause solder to splatter even with 600μm thick stencil.

Got Problems with Solder Splattering?

E12 series ensures stable and consistent soldering performance with ultra low voiding and low splattering even
on a large joint area which commonly requires a thick stencil specially for a power semiconductor device application.

Not All Solder Paste Requires Cleaning!

E12 is capable of eliminating the cleaning process required for a conventional rosing-based solder paste,
and the process steps such as placement of preform, attachment / detachment of fixture for solder preforms.

Cutting Half the Material Cost of Solder Preform

E12 may reduces the material cost from preform by 50%.
Also, E12 does not require a mold. It enables to cope with changes of product design
without high initial cost of making a new mold.

Product Performance Table

Product Name
E12 series
Product Category
for Power Semiconductor Device
Sn 3.0Ag 0.5Cu / Sn 3.5Ag / Sn 5Sb
Melting Point(℃)
217 - 219 / 221 / 238-241
Halide content(%)
Flux Type

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