Solder paste developed in collaboration with TOYOTA Corporation

Sn 3.0Ag 0.5Cu

Crack-Free residue technology for reliable auto-applications

No residue washing or coating required

GSP's crack-free flux residue acts as a coating and prevents condensation and contamination at joints. Therefore, residue washing or coating is not needed. The number of processes will be reduced, and significant cost benefit can be anticipated.

■Flux residue after thermal cycling

Wets lead ends

GSP exerts excellent wettability even to lead ends which are generally not plated and considered poorly wettable and contributes to improving the first time quality.

■Wetting to the lead ends

Reliable insulation in condensing environments

GSP maintains excellent insulation reliability in condensing tests conducted after thermal cycling tests (-40/+125ºC x 1000cycles). GSP's crack-free flux residue prevents moisture absorption to joints, ensuring superb electrical reliability.

Product Performance Table

Product Name
Product Category
Solder Paste
Sn 3.0Ag 0.5Cu
Melting Point(℃)
Particle Size(μm)
160 / 100(for Dispense)
Flux Content(%)
10.9 / 13.0(for Dispense)
Halide content(%)
Flux Type
ROM1 (IPC J-STD-004)
for Dispense : GSP-D

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